What To Consider When Talking About Surf Style

We see surf style changing constantly. A popularity level shown by a style can become really old really fast. Many novice surfers will simply go to shops and buy everything that is considered fashionable in equipment and clothes. They then leave feeling like real surfers when in fact they are not. Also, unfortunately the use of “dude” is really strong and often portrayed by wannabes. Two very good examples of false surf style are stickers that are sometimes used on cars and various possible references you surely heard on TV shows.

Surf style is natural for some surfers. Clothes changing does happen although this is as a direct impact of fashion changes in general. When referring to surf style there is something else that we need to consider. The fact that one person has really trendy clothes or a great looking board does not mean he also has style. People that really hold surf style will never be bothered by having it or not. Surfing can be described as a way of living when it gets to the point that we have to talk about surf style.

We are sure that you saw on TV the common surf style of being laid back and a little stupid. This can be considered the worst possible surfer characterization. We know there are basically hundreds of surfers out there that are tied between them by a surfing passion while also having good jobs and being smart. The spirit that the surfer has dictates surf style.

You can see this in this person’s eye as he is coming out of the ocean. People that put their love for the sport as a top priority almost always have surf style. They do not need to dress in clothes that bear dozens of stickers and will not keep talking with dude and maintaining a laid back spirit. You can see a surfer that has spirit thanks to the warm you see when he smiles.

What Surf Equipment Does a Beginner Need?

In the event that you are a surfing beginner you should think about borrowing the surf equipment from a friend or renting it. Never buy expensive equipment available everywhere and constantly advertised. You can always end up not enjoying practicing surfing. Also, you will see that new boards and good wetsuits are quite expensive. You should analyze the fact that beginners are not to purchase shortboards and a longboard will be replaced after you do learn so it could turn into wasted money.

A longboard is the most needed surfing equipment that any beginner surfer needs. One board, larger than 8 feet is preferred. Foam longboards guarantee that you are to catch waves easily and avoid some possible injuries. When you are just beginning size stands out as important.

Now when referring to a wetsuit we need to take a close look at your personal budget. A discussion with local surfers is going to show you exactly what is needed. Fortunately for most surfers they will only need complete wetsuits when swimming in colder environments. If not then you can do well with just boardshorts in your surf equipment. In the event that you think you will surf for longer periods of time you might want to consider purchasing one good wetsuit.

A surfing equipment that includes swimming gear and a board is basically what you really need. You might want to think about investing in a surfboard leash. Alternatively there is also the possibility of investing into surf wax in the event that you do not rent a board. All the extra surf equipment recommended by others is actually optional. You can look at a surf shop to see what else you could buy but this is something that you will do as time passes. Once you purchase/rent basic surf equipment you should not think about a lot more.

Surfing Camps – A Delight For Surfers From Around The World

A tremendous experience can be offered to anyone that loves surfing through summer surfing camps. What is great with surfing is that really exotic travel destinations offer you the best possible waves. This does include California, Costa Rica and Brazil. It does not matter if you are male or female as surging camps do offer an experience you can not forget. After all, you will go on a vacation and take time off from work while practicing the sport that you enjoy a lot.

Good surfing camps will be visited by thousands or people during surf season. Conditions offered by most of the camps are really high and you will find really good price tags if you just research everything. In most cases rooms are available near oceans and even pro surfing coaches are available to help out. To make everything even more appealing you will get a chance to take part in many entertaining activities besides surfing.

What surfing camps really have special is that they offer a great experience for all experience levels. If your skills are at a beginner level then you can always continue learning and having fun while pros can try out really big waves. One problem that can appear is finding that surfing camp that is great for you. The good news is that you can easily do this with the help of the Internet.

Dozens of locations can be found if you just look. Just create a new list with places that you found to be highly interesting. Look at the personal budget that you have and think about the time that you can spend surfing. Once the list is narrowed down placing calls and looking for more deals can always happen. Ask about extra activities and local attractions that can be visited. We know that you will want to surf a lot but there is also the possibility of taking some time off when you are tired. You can always relax in many places around the beach or alternatively shop around. Your choice! Surfing camps stand out as being perfect for all surfers looking for tremendous vacations!

Surf Waves – Riding The Big Ones

Most surfers out there are constantly thinking about riding bigger waves than they are at the moment. We are in front of one special discipline that is known as Big Wave Surfing. This is a variation you should never think about unless you are really experienced. We are talking about people paddling or being towed towards waves that have a height of at least 20 feet.

When you hear the terms Guns and Rhino Chasers people are referring to surfing boards used by them. All is truly complex when big wave surfing. Board size has to adapt to wave size. Even techniques used are different when compared with regular surfing. Most good big wave surfers are using longer and larger boards so that they can paddle easily and have high stability levels. The problem that can appear is reduced maneuverability and surfing speed.

When we refer to big surf waves we need to also talk about Tow in Surfing. Basically this is one crossover sport that first appeared in 1992 due to the work of Laird Hamilton, Buzzy Kerbox and Darrick Doerner. These two activities are really distinct although we see a lot of riders taking part in both. Tow in Surfing also involves the use of a jet ski in order to tow the surfer towards the ocean. Tow in Surfing has allowed many surfers to ride waves that were higher than 50 feet.

If you are now thinking about surfing really big waves you need to also realize that it is definitely dangerous. A wave like this can put you under water at around 50 feet. As soon as the surfer recovers from the impact he needs to quickly figure out where up is and swim out. Even water pressure can have a huge impact on us. We can be faced with severe injuries and even death in the event that you are not careful. The main risk is to stay underwater and be kept there by 2 or even more consecutive waves. It is quite difficult to manage to survive when you are faced with these conditions. Even surfers that are experienced can have problems.

Surf Training – The Importance of Conditioning

If you never surfed before you should know that you are in front of a sport that does offer pure adrenaline. Nothing can actually compare to surf. It gives you one experience that you can never forget. The problem with this sport is that you need to have a great physical condition if you want to reach the best results possible. If you just go out and start surfing you are not going to have a better conditioned body. Conditioning is not built inside the ocean.

When you start to condition for surf training you need to do it through cardiovascular workouts. This has to be done if you are considering surfing. Endurance is gained and this is crucial when going on long surfing sessions. We recommend that you consider using swimming and cycling when you are starting out.

Adding more aerobics, martial arts training and running can be added as you improve. Then leg strength has to be analyzed. In order to easily maneuver a board there is a need to have really strong legs. Stretching is something that you should never forget if you want to avoid injuries. All surf training routines include leg presses, lounges and squats.

Besides all that was written you need to also always think about the upper body region as well. Due to the fact that they might neglect this many will not become better. The upper body is crucial in keeping balance so it has to be conditioned too. You will also need to have strong shoulders and arms in order to paddle fast.

While upper arm curls are just extras you can do the need of performing push ups and bench presses should not be neglected. Remember that what you establish outside of the water is what counts. If you do not seriously think about going through conditioning surf training you will never be able to be really good at surfing. Really good results can be obtained through a daily cardio routine combined with 3 weekly gym sessions.

Popular Surf Destinations in Africa

When referring to surf Africa unfortunately only a few will think about the continent when surfing. Contrary to what you might believe, the continent can give a surfing experience you will not forget. The only popular destinations are Senegal, Morocco and South Africa and even they stand out as not documented properly. Unfortunately one problem that does exist in Africa is travel time.

A good number of surfers stay home due to this. A long travelling time is needed at times and this especially true around equator regions. Fortunately for tourists there are countries like South Africa and Morocco that are containing this problem. Simply put, these two countries should be considered in the event that you want to surf in Africa and do not want to be faced with possible complications. If less explored places is what you are after then Ghana, Mozambique and Angola should be considered. There are a minimum of 3 great surfing spots in every country. Marocco features over thirty while South Africa over ninety.

Unfortunately when talking about surf Africa a problem stands in the high levels of crime. For instance South Africa, although a perfect surfing destination, has a really high crime incidence. Basically we mean that you do need to be careful whenever you are visiting. Never carry valuables with you and if you are driving make sure that the doors are locked at all times.

On the other hand tourists are really well protected by authorities. We do recommend a lot of attention to pockets and consider avoiding places like Hillbrow and Hoannesburg. Morocco is a little safer but there is a constant concern of terrorist acts taking place. Just as in South Africa, you need to be careful.

Even if concerns for highlighted problems have to exist the surfing quality that we see is definitely impressive. You will not be in any problem if you do not stand out of the crowd. It is necessary to always travel light and the valuables have to stay home. The hotel where you stay can provide safety for them. All people that did surf in Africa were surprised. You can too.

Popular Surf Destinations

When we mention surfing we tend to think about one tremendous landscape filled with many that are having a whole lot of fun. This is the correct way but this does not always happen. There is a need to be cautious if you are looking for surf destinations that can give you a lot of high quality in experience. Doing some online research and talking to people that have been there is the way to handle this topic. Now we are to talk about 2 surfing destinations of the highest quality possible. High quality services are offered by all with a surfing experience that is equal in value.

Australia really is one beautiful country and it is a suprise to notice that so many are aware that it offers a great environment for surfing. Although you might believe something else many surfers have said that they got a chance to experience a tremendous vacation in Gold Coast City. This location has to be recommended as you can do a lot more than just surfing. When you take a surfing break you can always participate in many other activities that can make your vacation better.

California has been featured in so many good movies in connection with surfing. This is definitely true and we need to recommend that you visit Half Moon Bay whenever considering California. The waves that you get hear can be as high as 50 feet. A lot of really good surfers stated that here they found some of the best possible surfing known to man. The waves that you will see here are really high and the experience is tremendous.

Hawaii is where surfing started so it is only fitting that it is considered among the best surf destinations around the world. Surfing tradition that is found here appeared more than 500 years ago. We recommend Oahu as it is situated on the North Shore of Hawaii, which features huge waves and around 20 miles of beaches that you can visit.

Please remember that these are just some of the best surf destinations from around the world. Many others can also be visited. It all boils down to your personal wishes.

Learning to Surf Longboard

In most situations those that are surfing longboards are just starting out and learning to surf. Surf longboard learning is a perfect way to properly learn surfing when you are a complete beginner. This is mainly as stability is gained in all positions and smaller waves can be caught. Let us now look at what you have to do to surf longboard.

First off, we need to recommend that you think about longboard renting. After you are finished learning you are to move towards the use of a shortboard for sure. Longboards can usually be rented on a per hour basis or for one day. If you are thinking about learning you need to get ready to rent longboard for a minimum of one week. Now we need to think about that position that makes you the strongest you can be.

Most people are currently using front leg foot. Not all people are able to do this and maintain a good stability level. If you think that you can not there is also the possibility of using the right foot in front, a surfing styled that is known under the name of “goofy”.

The place where you want to start is near the shore, where the water is calmer. Lie on your personal board and paddle. We can move on towards learning the next step after you can properly hold balance. Paddle towards the place with white water. This basically means a wave that broke down. Turn your surf longboard so that you are facing the shore. As soon as a foamy wave comes start paddling strong. Your position has to be perpendicular on your board. You will surely fall a few times but you can easily get the hang of this move. Do not think about trying to stand up before this is learned properly.

After a while you will be comfortable for the next step, which is standing up as the water lifts the surf longboard. All starts with one push up and a quick jump. After you keep on trying a few times you will surely manage to succeed. Keep practicing and catch as many waves as possible. This is the only way to learn how to surf longboard and get better as time passes.

How To Surf – The First Step – Your Board

When you want to learn how to surf you have to analyze many things. One that is considered to be not so important is choosing the starting board. Contrary to what many believe the importance of a good board is really high. The best one for beginners is a long board. Even if you can learn how to surf with the use of small boards this will not be a process that would be as fast as the alternative recommended.

The truth that you need to understand is that this body requires you have a certain degree of endurance. It is definitely harder to ride short boards when we compare them with long boards. The main reason for this is the higher stability that is offered by long boards. The real downside stands in the fact that they lack maneuverability noticed in short boards.

Although some think that this is bad there is a need for stability when learning how to surf. To lay it simply, more mistakes can be done when using long boards. Also, beginners need small waves. Long boards work best on such small waves. They offer one flotation level that is higher when compared with short boards and this allows them to catch even smaller waves.

When they are learning the principals linked to how to surf many beginners do make such a mistake. Every single person alive wants to be cool and this brings up surfing. This is the main reason why people choose good looking short boards. The problem with short boards stands in the waves and the fun you have as a beginner.

Many people quit learning how to surf because they can not catch a wave. This does take place as a short board is not really designed for catching small waves that you might need. We recommend that you stop thinking about being cool. After all, you should see yourself as a beginner. Your goal to learn how to surf is something that must stay in the back of your mind.

A Closer Look at Online Surf Guides

Since most people do start surfing without anyone around them they are going to lack in knowing what is needed. Surf coaches do exist but many are still learning from their friends or simply alone. Learning alone how to surf automatically means that you need to acquire or at least borrow a very good surf guide. There are hundreds of books, ebooks and even video tutorials that you can check. Problems are to appear when faced with different possible paid resources. It is unfortunate to notice so many that are buying surfing guides when the info in them is already freely available on various Internet sites.

When looking for high quality surf guides online you can start with the use of Google Search. This can give you different sites to check out. Some do give you different free articles and others are offering paid resources. The start needs to be reading all surf guide articles you can find for free. Once you properly understand everything that is involved you can go directly towards your surf board. When you are faced with a lack of information because you already learned all you can find then paid resources should be considered.

Keep in mind that surfing is a sport that you do learn while practicing it. You can simply buy that surf guide that is the best possible and it will not mean you are to be much better. Every single online or offline guide about surfing you find gives just pure information. You simply gain info about methods of getting better. Never believe that you are to become really good because of what you read.

We also recommend that you look through different online surfing forums. Members there can point you towards a very good surf guide. You can basically talk to these people and get answers for problems. Based on these things the people are going to offer you support and will tell you what to look for. Instead of being alone in doing everything we are sure that you are to enjoy the fact that you are a member in one really helpful community with memebrs that want to help. A big passion for this particular sport is the reason why surfers are united worldwide.