Why You Should Surf In Africa

When talking about surf Africa we see that few people consider this continent. Contrary to what you might believe, the continent can give a surfing experience you will not forget. The only locations that people know of are in South Africa, Senegal and Morocco although even they are not properly documented. Unfortunately Africa travel time can translate into a problem. Some surfers will stay away because of this. Travelling from one point to the other does take some time, especially near the equator. The good news is that in countries like Morocco and South Africa this problem is well taken care of.

Simply put, in the event that surfing in Africa is what you want and nothing extravagant you should consider the 2 countries. If less explored places is what you are after then Ghana, Mozambique and Angola should be considered. Every country listed offers a minimum of 3 surfing locations. In Morocco you can find over 30 and in South Africa over 90.

The one real problem with Africa surfing is high crime levels. As an example, if we take South Africa we can say that the surfing is extraordinary but the crime levels are also high. This basically means that you need to be really careful whenever visiting. You need to lock the doors of your cars even when driving and always travel light. On the other hand tourists are really well protected by authorities. Cities like Hillbrow or Johannesburg have to be avoided and you need to always pay attention to pockets. Morocco is a little safer but there is a constant concern of terrorist acts taking place. Similar to South Africa there is a need to being careful.

Although there are concerns for the problems mentioned above, what is important is the surfing quality. If you can keep a low profile you will surely not have problems. You just have to travel light at all times and leave valuables at home. They can be put in the safe of a hotel. Every person that took the decision to surf in Africa was pleasantly surrprised. You can too.

Womens Hockey Facts

Although you might not have realized it, we are faced with constant growing of womens hockey popularity. In fact, this is one sport that is mostly for men and not women. The last 10 years showed an increase in womens hockey participants of 350%. Unfortunately the number of womens hockey pro leagues is a lot smaller than men hockey pro leagues. We can say that we are faced with many more than most people believe.

The first ever womens hockey pro player appeared in 1970. That was when Karen Koch was signed by Marquette Iron Rangers. 1998 stands out as history for womens hockey as this was when the Winter Olympics included a medal for it for the first time. In that event it was USA that won the prestigious first ever hockey Olympic gold Medal and Canada was second. Even if this does not happen often, there are several cases where women did play with men in the same teams. For instance, Manon Rheaume played as a goal keeper for the Tampa Bay Lightning in some preseason games. There are actually many women that are included and did play in minor hockey leagues in North America.

There is one really big difference when comparing womens hockey with men hockey as women are not allowed to use body checks. It was eliminated in 1990 because most female players from around the world are not as strong as those in Northern America. Nowadays the referee is the person that will decide the penalty that has to be given when there is body checking. Also, it is required for women to always use full face masks. Even if we are faced with a slower pace and smaller brutality level, womens hockey does manage to constantly gain popularity. We can expect to see a lot more women starting playing in the near future due to the pure adrenaline that the sport offers players.

What You Should Know About How To Play Tennis

Tennis is definitely popular today. Thousands currently play it and there are a lot more that want to learn how to play it. In order to do this you need to basically know how to play tennis, of course. Even if you can quickly learn all the rules, different aspects of the game are tougher to understand. Let us think about the basics of how to play tennis. This will make your start a lot smoother.

Contrary to what you might have been told the first step in learning how to play tennis is looking for a good racquet. In order for a tennis player to do this he needs to basically know a number of differences. Beginners should buy racquets that come with wider heads. This will reduce the chance that you miss the ball. A narrow head is aimed for people with experience and will offer more accuracy and power. As soon as you buy your new racquet you will want to learn how you should be holding it. Your grip stands out as highly important in this game. You have to keep a loose grip between the strokes and tighten the hold as you hit the ball.

Then the useful forehand stroke needs to be learned. In most possible situations this is the one stroke that is really powerful. We are referring to hitting the ball when it comes on the side of your body where you usually hold your tennis raquet. Unfortunately you can not only use forehand strokes. There is a need to also use different backhand strokes. As you can clearly imagine, this is the exact opposed of the forehand stroke. You can make the backhand stroke a lot more powerful when you can use both hands for it. The last tennis move you do want to learn is the volley. Net play in tennis is highly important. Volley shots are usually used when you are near the net. These strokes above are all used while the ball has already been served. The serve stands out as the start of any tennis game. In order to do this you throw the ball in the air and then hit it diagonally towards the other half of the court.

It is possible to learn how to play tennis without external help. This can easily be achieved if you desire it. Alternatively coaches can also be hired although it is not always needed unless you think about competing.

Tips To Help Surf Longboard

People that usually use surfing longboards are beginners. Surf longboard learning is a perfect way to properly learn surfing when you are a complete beginner. This is because you gain stability in any position and you can even catch the smaller waves. Here is what you need to keep in mind in a connection with surf longboard.

First off, renting one longboard is recommended. After you learn you will surely not use it and move towards shortboard. You can usually rent longboards by the hour or alternatively for half a day or a day. If learning is what you want then you might want to rent longboards for around 7 days minimum.

Now we need to think about that position that makes you the strongest you can be. A left foot positioned in front is what most are using. Not everyone can maintain good stability this way. If you believe this is not suitable for you then there is always a chance that you have a goofy style, which means that you use your right foot in the front position.

A calmer water environment is where you want to start and this is nearer to the shore. Lie down on the board and start paddling. Balance has to be found and then we can simply start the next step. Paddle towards the place with white water. Basically this means broken down waves. Turn your surf longboard so that you are facing the shore. You need to start to paddle strong when a foamy wave will come. Your position needs to be exactly perpendicular on the wave. You are to fall many times but it will be quick to learn the move. Never stand up before you master this process.

When you are feeling confident enough try to stand up at the moment when waves lift your surf longboard. Just start doing a push up and then simply jump. After you keep on trying a few times you will surely manage to succeed. Keep trying to catch all waves and practice. This is the only way to learn how to surf longboard and get better as time passes.

Street Hockey – Another Form of Hockey

Street hockey stands out as one sport that is commonly referred to with the use of different terms like ball hockey or easy hockey. Basically this is a hockey form that you can either play on foot or skates. Games are usually held in an outdoor environment on asphalt, streets or in parking lots. Street hockey and Ice Hockey are different when thinking about the physical contact that is seen. Not much gear is used even if you will see protective items. Since we are talking about hockey you can clearly imagine that this sport is really popular in some parts of USA and Canada.

Street hockey is basically a variation of ice hockey. We are faced with the puck being replaced in most cases by special rubber balls. Special roller use pucks can also be used. If pucks will be used we will see that it is not commonly allowed to raise it in order to keep safety levels high. You will see street hockey almost always played on asphalt surfaces. You will commonly see it being played in tennis courts or basketball courts that are outdoors. Even if there are not many individuals that know this fact, the term floor hockey is used to describe indoor street hockey.

Since there is no heavy protective equipment for players you will not find body checking. The physical contact that is permitted is really similar to what we see in basketball. Rules are definitely different if we simply travel from one location to another one. Canada showcases many variations of this sport and you will see that it is popular to hold games in lacrosse boxes. This is because the game feels more like hockey when played in such locations. We can say that street hockey is much more accessible if we compare it to pro ice hockey. This is because the physical aspect of the game is not as important and this can allow even players that are not really strong to play well. This is a sport that mainly links with fun and this makes it really popular.

What Has to be Known About Tennis

Tennis stands out as one game that is really popular. Although there are quite many that play it or watch it some tennis facts are not known. For instance, did you know that the clay court is the surface on which the original tennis games were played? Tennis players enjoy to play on clay even today. Let us analyze some tennis facts that you might find really interesting and not known by many people.

When playing tennis the balls are usually light green. Some people will say that they are yellow when in fact the topic is not about that. When you play for fun or training you are most likely using yellow balls although during competitions we will see light green balls.

What only few know is that the teniis balls we see now were first simply stuffed with wool, hair and leather made. Louis XIV was the main reason why this was implemented. At the same point in time in other parts of the world we saw tennis balls made out of different materials. We even saw human hair or putty utilized. Nowadays the tennis balls that are used are fully aerodynamic thanks to evolution in technology. What is interesting is that a pressurized ball will lose its bounce as time passes and one that is pressure-less will start bouncing more because of losing fuzz. This is the reason why tennis ball changes happen often during a game.

Today we can see around three hundred million tennis balls produced yearly. Due to the fact that rubber is used in order to make the balls different environmental concerns arise. It is not at all easy to recycle them. Thanks to various alternatives developed we think that all debates are soon to end. The good news is that no matter the debates tennis is constantly growing in popularity. Most people are aware of how to play the game and it is one sport that brings in only benefits for human bodies. While we are not to see a lot of people that will compete, the recreational sport value of tennis is quite high.

The Importance of Long Boards When Taking How to Surf Classes

A lot of things need to be known when thinking about how to surf. One that is considered to be not so important is choosing the starting board. Contrary to what you might believe it is very important to choose a good board. The best possible one if you are a beginner is the long board. There is also the possibility of using small boards to learn how to surf although you surely also want the entire process of learning to be fast.

The truth is that all people that just start to surf usually do not have a body built for this sport. It is a lot harder to ride a short board when compared to a long board. The long boards have a very high stability level that is going to help you. The real downside stands in the fact that they lack maneuverability noticed in short boards. There is a need to have stability whenever learning this sport and how to surf although it can be considered bad by some people. To put it simple, you can allow yourself more mistakes on a long board. Also, if you are a beginner you want small waves. Small waves can be ridden much easier with long boards. They come with a high level of flotation and will be able to catch some of the small waves that short boards can not.

We see many beginners that do make this mistake when the learn how to surf. Every single person alive wants to be cool and this brings up surfing. This might lead you to choosing a short board that has a nice looking design. The problem with short boards stands in the waves and the fun you have as a beginner. Many individuals are going to quit learning as they never manage to catch waves. This usually happens because they use short boards, which can not actually catch some of the small waves. You should definitely not think about acting or looking cool. After all, consider yourself a beginner. Your main goal is learning how to surf and this has to be remembered every time.

How did Ice Hockey Appear?

Nowadays we can see a huge popularity in ice hockey. In different countries large parts of the population love this sport the most. We are basically talking about one team sport that is always played on ice. Skaters are using different sticks to direct and move a puck towards the opponent team’s goal. This is one fast and really physical sport.

Most countries where ice hockey enjoys a huge popularity are countries that are cold enough to sustain it. We can give good examples in Canada, Sweden, Russia and Finland. Canada has its official wintersport in ice hockey and this is also because this is where the game actually appeared and started developing.

Ice hockey origins are pin-pointed really back in time. Montreal stands out as the city where modern ice hockey actually started developing. In 1875 we saw the first ever indoor ice hockey game being played there. The game evolved as time passed and the first championship of the world took place in 1883. In the first games we saw teams of nine members and then 7 members.

The Montreal City Hockey League appeared 2 years later. We can tell you one interesting fact that happened in 1893. At that point in time Montreal had alone 100 hockey teams. USA did have a similar game that was being played called ice polo. Time did pass and all evolved to what we refer to today as professional ice hockey, one game really well received and loved.

Today we see players having really special equipment to protect their bodies. This is definitely because a lot of injuries appear with ice hockey. Due to the fact that the skaters are sometimes traveling at speeds of up to 50 KM per hour and the physical aspect of the game is one if its main attractions we are faced with serious injuries. Unfortunately we can see many that are retiring from this sport due to a serious injury that stops them from playing again. Head injuries are really damaging and you will actually see concussions and even face cuts quite commonly.

Although this sport’s brutality is sometimes criticized the number of fans that it has is really huge. This is one sport that is mostly for men and although women do play hockey the level of popularity of men ice hockey is much higher. Fights do happen on the ice and penalties are quite common. Ice hockey stands out as a really powerful game from a lot of point of views.

The Birth of a Popular Game – Tennis History

Tennis is definitely popular nowadays. Even if many do know how the game is played and constantly watch it on TV only some know how everything started. Contrary to what you might believe, a form of tennis existed even in the Medieval ages. Real tennis is what we now refer to it. Everything started thanks to France and one ball game that was particularly popular there in the 12th century. At that point in time the ball was hit with bear hands. When we reached the 16th century we saw the introduction of a racquet. Rules were also developed then. The royalty started to enjoy real tennis a lot.

Even if few are aware of this, you might find it interesting that 1571 was the year when we saw a tennis tour being held for the first time. It was held due to the wishes of King Charles IX. 3 mastering levels appeared for players: apprentice, associate and master. In 1599 we saw the poublishing of the first tennis rules book. While in France the game was really popular, in England the popularity began with the reign of Henry VII. One tennis court was built and by the time that James I was ruling we saw London having 14 courts.

By the 17th century this game was really popular in France, Spain, the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Italy, being played mostly by noblemen. English Puritanism did put a stop to development seen in England. Unfortunately, during the time of Napoleon real tennis started to be abandoned. During the 18th and then the 19th centuries we saw good news offered from England. That was when 3 new sports based on real tennis appeared: racquets, lawn tennis and squash racquets. Lawn tennis basically ended up becoming tennis, the game we look at today. Tennis history could not have existed without France and England and their nobility ranks.

Taking it Further In Adrenaline Rushes with Big Surf Waves

All surfers really want big waves to ride. We are in front of one special discipline that is known as Big Wave Surfing. This is one variation that should only be considered by really experienced surfers. People will paddle or alternatively be towed towards really big waves with their height being a minimum of 20 feet.

They usually ride different surf boards known under the name Guns or Rhino Chasers. Everything is really complex when surfing big waves. The size of your board has to adapt to the size of the wave. When comparing with regular surfing we even find the techniques used to be different. Most good big wave surfers are using longer and larger boards so that they can paddle easily and have high stability levels. The downside given is reduced maneuverability combined with a surfing speed that is lower.

When talking about riding big surf waves you should also know about the existence of Tow In Surfing. Darrick Doerner, Laird Hamilton and Buzzy Kerbox are the men responsible for creating this sport in 1992. Although there are differences between the 2 activities many surfers are practicing both. Tow in Surfing automatically implies that the surfer is towed by a jet ski, thus offering a very fast experience. Because of the existence of Tow in Surfing many surfers did manage to ride higher than 50 feet waves.

If you are now thinking about surfing really big waves you need to also realize that it is definitely dangerous. One such wave is capable of pushing you at a depth of even 50 feet. As soon as the surfer recovers from the impact he needs to quickly figure out where up is and swim out. Water pressure is capable of having huge impact on surfers. Severe injuries and death can appear if you are not interesting enough. The biggest risk stands in 2 or more consecutive big waves keeping you underwater. Surviving in such conditions is really difficult. Huge problems can appear for experienced surfers too.