All you need to know about badminton shuttlecock

For the majority of badminton players around the world, the badminton shuttlecock is an essential equipment required to play a badminton game. The badminton shuttlecock is similar to a basketball which determines the point that a winner may receive or even lose. The main goal in a badminton game is to make the badminton shuttlecock land in the opponent’s court by hitting it using different strokes. The team or player that fails to return the badminton shuttlecock loses a point. Technically, a badminton shuttlecock is a projectile that is shaped like a cone. Its cone is composed of sixteen feathers that are overlapping tightly. Normally, the feathers have been plucked from the left wing of a goose and often supplied by China. The core of a badminton shuttlecock is made out of a cork that is covered by a thin leather. Nevertheless, beginners can prefer to use plastic shuttlecock especially when playing outdoors. The synthetic shuttlecocks do not usually wear out as compared to feather ones. Yet, only feather badminton shuttlecocks are being used in indoor play as well as tournaments. Plus, beginners are not yet that good in hitting the cork of the shuttle thus causing wastage and more expenses. Feather shuttlecocks fetch a high price so only experienced players must use them as much as possible. A professional player can easily differentiate between a low grade and a quality badminton shuttlecock.

Badminton players do know that not all badminton shuttlecock are the same. There are three kinds of shuttlecocks grouped according to speed. If you observe closely, when a shuttle flies in the air, there is drag responsible for slowing down the shuttle or bird. The first type of shuttlecock colored green is a slow speed shuttle. The second type has a blue color indicating middle speed shuttle while the red kind is a fast moving badminton shuttlecock. If you play in a warm climate, slower shuttlecocks are ideal while the fast ones are suitable for colder environment. Each and every badminton shuttlecock, before it leaves the factory, is graded based on the speed and projectile by a machine. After this step, they are classified for packaging into tubes. Truly,choosing a badminton shuttlecock must be done wisely for this influences the play.