Badminton net skills to boost your play

In badminton, there are skills needed to play better. Although a player can be quick and flexible enough to get the shots,still,some techniques are required to be able to play efficiently. Beginners are often taught basic moves that often put them in a defensive position since tough opponents would always attack the weaker ones. Generally, beginners build more on power and endurance so they can execute jump smash shots. On the other hand, more advanced players often try to develop badminton net skills since they know that badminton can be won by strategy rather than by power alone. So if you want to become a better player, it is better if you can take note of the following badminton net skills to further improve your play.

To begin with, know that the standard height of a badminton net is 5 feet on the center and 5 feet and 1 inch on the side. Being familiar with this enables you to adjust to the height to reach or counter a shuttlecock that is very near the badminton net. The important badminton net skills you must acquire are net shots since even good opponents find it hard to counter net shots. As soon as you receive a drop, make a lunge with your badminton racket leg while extending the racket to receive the shot. This then makes the shuttlecock to fall on the opponent’s court. A badminton net shot is executed well when you allow a certain distance from the net.

Another essential badminton net skill is net kill. This is getting a shuttlecock in front of the net and forcing it downward using the strength of your wrist. Take note that when you do this net kill, you must not touch the net with any part of your body nor the racket. If ever that happens, you would lose a score and the turn to serve.

Net lift is another badminton net skill that you must efficiently execute by lifting the shuttlecock towards the end of the opponent via cross court. This gives enough time for you and your partner to put yourselves in a defensive position. Indeed, acquiring badminton net skills can give you leverage in a play or a tournament.