Fundamental badminton techniques that every player must know

A great number of badminton players play daily believing that this would improve their performance. Actually, this is quite misleading since before one can really play well, some badminton techniques must be practiced. Why? To begin with, a large number of badminton players started by just holding a racket playing with friends. Eventually, a person begins with poor habits that persists. For example, the proper way of handling a badminton racket should not be too tight or too loose. It is similar to shaking the hand of another person. Also, the arm and wrist plus other parts of the body are also used while playing badminton. A more crucial step in acquiring badminton techniques is footwork. A player must accept the fact that badminton is an intense game where upper and lower extremities are involved. Read the following badminton techniques which can give you an edge in your play.

The Grip – This is the keystone to all badminton technique because holding the racket the right way starts with a good grip. The two fundamental grips used as badminton techniques are forehand and backhand. The forehand is used to receive shots in front of your body but backhand is employed in receiving shots behind you. This employs twisting of wrist . To buld stronger wrist, practice wrist exercises during free time. A flexible wrist that has power can flick a shuttle into an opponent’s backcourt.

Footwork – Having good footwork is one of the crucial badminton techniques one must learn to play very well. The arm’s reach is limited but the feet can definitely run or lunge. It is essential to develop strong legs for running and dashing as well as flexibility. Badminton techniques like footwork draws the line between the professional player from the amateur. Players with correct footwork are more effective in receiving shots with the proper timing. Endurance is also essential in building good footwork since a strong player must be able to withstand a long rally.

Don’t underestimate the fact that these two badminton techniques are plain and simple. It seems plain and simple but acquiring good footwork plus a flexible wrist takes hours of practice. If you want to improve your badminton game, keep on practicing these two basic badminton techniques and see the difference.