Basics of Upland Hunting Dogs

One of the most important things for any bird catchers is their upland hunting dogs. This is because these type of dogs are not just helpful on the field; they can also be your companion in this type of escapade. They understand your need to catch birds and they have all the necessary skills that can help you do so. Here are several of the things that you may want to understand about upland hunting dogs.

Upland hunting dogs do have the required abilities that can help any bird catcher anytime. However, these skills have to be honed with the use of different training techniques for hunting dogs which will further make them an effective dog for bird catching.

You won’t have lots of problems with this one though because those characteristics which are useful for bird catching are already innate in these dogs.

There are three classes of upland hunting dogs and these includes the retrievers, the pointing dogs, and the flushing dogs.

The pointing dogs are very helpful for accurately tracking the bird that you just shot. They have a great sense of smell which is the trait that enables them to lead you towards the bird you just hunted down. Retrievers on the other hand, are specially trained to make sure that they retrieve your game without ruining its overall appearance or making it too messy for you. They know how to find a way with their jaws around the game.

The last kind, the flushing dogs, have the capacity to spot the game and make it come into view out of its hiding place. This will then make the bird catcher have enough visibility to shoot the game. Hence there are a few catchers who favor to train their retriever or pointing dogs to become flushing dogs.

Not all breed can be turned into upland hunting dogs. A few of the more popular breeds for bird hunting are pointer, Labrador retriever, cocker spaniel, and the golden retriever.