Exercising safely using a springless trampoline

Many individuals all over the world are aware of the health benefits that can be derived from bouncing on trampoline. Aside from cardiovascular benefits, bouncing also develops balance and coordination in the body. However, most people are only aware of traditional trampolines when there is a better alternative: spring less trampolines. These springless trampolines are not yet well-known in other countries. However, springless trampoline are actually safer than traditional trampolines because of its unique features.

A Springless trampolines was created with safety as its main features since regular trampolines are associated with injuries. Although normal trampolines seem safe because they are built with strong metal tubes, good stitching, great padding and rigid enclosures, statistics show otherwise. Data from National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NIESS ) in 1995 revealed increased incidence of trampoline injury which makes springless trampoline an ideal alternative. Most of the time, trampoline accidents are caused by head collisions or hitting the steel frames after bouncing. The springs can be a major cause of injury which is why springless trampoline fits as perfect substitute. A springless trampoline brand gaining wide acceptance from fitness enthusiasts is the Springfree Trampoline that took no less than ten years to design since it is equipped with the safest features. The brand Springfree Trampoline is really a springless trampoline which utilizes layer of flexible rods at certain angles carefully placed underneath the mat. The bouncing effects is not much different from that of a normal trampoline, only safer.

Springless trampoline have very tough frames with legs that are angled outwards. Because of this, extra support is added which prevents bouncers from getting flipped over. The matting used in springless trampoline is also superb quality since the matting is more lasting than regular brands. The matted cushioning can endure heavy bouncing without being slippery so children are secure in using this type of equipment. Also, buying a springless trampolines that conforms to safety standards like the Australian Standards (AS4989 – Trampolines – Safety Aspects) brings security and peace of mind. By knowing that the springless trampoline is safe, you would further save money on hospitalization costs at the same time fully enjoy the bouncing benefits. It’s practical to choose springless trampoline so that fun-filled activities are safer and healthier.