Good reasons why kettlebells must be included in your workout

There are hundreds of physical fitness equipments and gadgets created by man to complement different exercise routines. They range from bikes, treadmills , trampolines to free weights and now- kettlebells. At first glance, kettlebells look queer since they are like cannonballs with handles. Yet, your fitness instructor asks you to buy a pair sepcifically the 12 pd heavy for your health. You would wonder: why kettlebells?

If you really are curious why kettlebells have been receiving some acclaim for the past decade form fitness enthusiasts, read the following discussion and be amazed why kettlebells are hottest thing in fitness equipment nowadays.

Kettlebells can give you an intense cardio workout. While kettlebells aren’t as mobile are running, repetitive routines in a circuit training can make you sweat a lot. Visualize the body carrying a 12pd cast iron metal and swinging it thus working major muscles groups like arms, legs and back to control the movement. Then repeat the challenging routine and you will realize why kettlebells are excellent for a work-out.

It’s very handy and takes less space. If you workout in your bedroom, you won’t have a use for a huge equipment occupying almost the whole room. Kettlebells are small and handy enough to be carried just anywhere which is why kettlebells are smart choice for workout.

Kettlebells can shed off extra pounds. There have been testimonies by users that a 40 minute routine using kettlebells is as good as running or sprinting for an hour. Actually, burning fat doesn’t stop there since 24 hours after the workout, you would still burn calories since its trying to build muscles after the strength training. In addition ,the complicated movements that was never experienced by your body before is a great factor why kettlebells can make you ripped. Women who get into the program become strong, fit and shapely.

Kettlebell workouts are good for your joints.Even older people can use light kettlebells since their joints won’t feel pressure as compared to running or jogging. Keep in mind, weight training makes your bones stronger that’s why kettlebells are really that beneficial.

Why are you still staring at this article? Find a good pair of kettlebells now.