A Quick Look at Hockey History

Nowadays hockey is extremely popular and we can understand easily why this happens. This game is definitely spectacular and fast and older than most people think. We can say that everything started thousands of years ago. The popularity of sticks, balls and rocks in games dates back a long long time ago. This type of games was popular in Egypt, South America and even Europe.

Contrary to what you might believe, the real roots of hockey stand in England. It was there that games were held as competitions between villages. One team had even 100 players. A game would last days and a lot of serious injuries happened.

1860 is the year when modern hockey history actually started. That was when Eton University started to formulate a set of rules. North America at that time had players of its own. Montreal held the first hockey game in the year 1875. It was held between college students. Different new rules appeared an one association appeared. There were big changes then in hockey history.

Due to the popularity that was rising we eventually ended up seeing the world championship held for the first time in 1883. Rules did change dramatically from what we saw then and protective equipment started to become necessary.

One fact that few realized is that hockey was helped out a lot by Olympic Games when talking about popularity. The first time it was played there was in 1924. The Olympic Games offered a huge hockey history moment when the domination of the Russian team was ended by a team of college amateurs from USA. We know of that moment as Miracle on Ice. At that point in time we saw an increase in popularity seen in America. N

ow in the 1917 established NHL we find 30 teams. 20 of them are American and the rest Canadian. Modern days immediately means that the popularity is a lot higher. This game brings in billions in revenues and is constantly generating more. Even if nobody can predict this for sure, most specialists agree that hockey will continue its upwards popularity trend.