Different Types of Roller Hockey

Roller hockey is one hockey form played only on a surface that is dry. Skates that have wheels are used by players. Contrary to what you might believe, there are three types of roller hockey. Skater hockey traditional style includes the use of special quad roller skates. After that we do have what is known as inline hockey, which uses pucks and inline skates. Skater hockey was first played with the use of quad and then turned towards inline skates. Let us take a closer look at roller hockey games.

There is a big popularity that comes with quad roller hockey. Basically it is a rollersport that did appear before inline skates were created. This is a sport that is highly popular in more than 60 countries. In each of them we had different names to describe it although we were talking about the same game. We even saw the term hardball hockey being used. Thanks to a special Summer Olympics demonstration game in 1992 the popularity it has became even higher.

Inline roller hockey is played on inline skates. it is definitely similar to the popular ice hockey game. We basically have a dry rink and 2 teams, each fomed of five members. If we compare it with ice hockey we will find differences, including the fact that the game time is 3 periods of 15 minutes each. We do not have body checks although we are talking about one contact sport. We are in front of one skill and aggressiveness level that is highly similar with in-line roller skating. We also have skater hockey, which is more similar to ice hockey. You can always use body checking if you play this variation.

Even if there is a real increase in the popularity shown by roller hockey you will not see it reach ice hockey popularity levels. The reason is that we are in front of a slower and definitely less spectacular game. Good news comes from the fact that in the future we will see many new roller hockey teams appearing and playing.