Hockey History Facts You Need to Know

Hockey is definitely popular today and we can clearly understand why. This game is definitely spectacular and fast and older than most people think. All basically started thousands of years in the past. Games with sticks, rocks and balls were played much before you did imagine till now. Such games stood out as highly popular in regions like Europe, Egypt and South America.

England is the country that holds the roots of hockey. There we saw many games held in competition between various villages. We even saw teams of 100 players at times. A game would last days and a lot of serious injuries happened.

We saw a beginning of modern hockey history in 1860. That was when Eton University started to formulate a set of rules. At that exact time North Americans started to play a lot more. It was in Montreal that we saw the first ever hockey game in 1875. It took place between some college students. An association appeared and we saw new rules being developed.

There were big changes then in hockey history. Time passed and popularity continued to grow, thus seeing the first championship of the world held in 1883. Rules did change dramatically from what we saw then and protective equipment started to become necessary.

Although you might have not known this, hockey grew much in popularity thanks to Olympic Games. In 1924 we saw it played there for the first time ever. One piece of hockey history linked to the Olympic Games was when an amateur American college team defeated the Russian favorites. “Miracle on Ice” is the name that the moment gained. Americans then started to enjoy this sport a lot more. NHL appeared in 1917 and today it includes 30 different teams. 20 of them are American and the rest Canadian. This brings us to modern days when we are faced with huge popularity. This game brings in billions in revenues and is constantly generating more. It is quite unclear the levels that can be reached but we do expect constant rises in future hockey history.