Hockey Terms That You Need to Know

A lot of people think that a big reason why the popularity of hockey in USA is lower than in Canada is that hockey terms are not properly understood. You can not properly enjoy a game if you do not understand all that the commentator will be saying. With this in mind we need to at least know the most common hockey terms. Any sport in the world has a lot of terms that are specific and if you do not understand the basic ones you will not actually understand what is going on.

We all know what goals are but few know that we can hear something like “Player A did pass that biscuit with perfection”. Biscuit is a term used for the puck. A breakaway happens when one player clears past his opposition and reaches a position when he can make one open shot right on goal. We also have Dangle. This is a term that will describe one particular player that can really handle a stick well. A fake in ice hockey is named Deking or Deke in most cases. Also, when a pass is made you might hear the term feeding used. For instance, “Marc fed Danny”.

A term that is really funny is definitely Five Hole. It represents the area that is open on goal between the legs of the goalkeeper. Since we are referring to goals you should know that Top Shelf and Roofed are two terms that talk about the net’s top areas. If one player roofed the goal it means that he scored in that exact area. A goalkeeper will sometimes be labeled as Target. He is definitely using a Twig, just like all the other players as this term describes the hockey stick. In the even that it is told that one player has Wheels then he simply has a high ice skating speed.

We are sure that understanding these common hockey terms will make your experience better. While many different other terms will also be used you will see that these ones here are the ones that will confuse most people. Do not be among those that are deceived and learn how to understand properly hockey terms.