Ice Hockey – One Really Popular Sport

Ice hockey, sometimes simply called hockey, is really popular today. In different countries large parts of the population love this sport the most. This is a team sport that will always be played on an ice surface. We have skaters that are using sticks in order to direct pucks towards the other team’s goal. This sport is really fast and physical. Most of the countries where we see that huge popularity of ice hockey are basically countries with a colder climate. Very good examples can be Sweden, Finland, Russia and Canada. The official wintersport of Canada is ice hockey and this is where this sport gained most of its current popularity.

Ice hockey origins are pin-pointed really back in time. Although they might not be seen like this the experts agree that modern ice hockey started to develop in Montreal. 1875 was the year in which the first ice hockey game was held indoors. As time did pass we saw an evolution in the game and we saw the first world championship being held in the year 1883.

In the beginning a team had 9 members, then 7 members. After just two years passed we saw the birth of Montreal City Hockey League. By the time we reached 1893 there were over 100 hockey teams in Montreal alone. USA did have a similar game that was being played called ice polo. All eventually evolved towards this game that is nowadays loved by so many people around the world.

Today we see players having really special equipment to protect their bodies. This is mainly because ice hockey offers many injuries. Unfortunately a lot of serious injuries can take place because skaters will travel even at speeds of 50 KM per hour and we are in front of a really fast paced game. Unfortunately many players are sometimes forced to retire due to serious injuries suffered on the ice. We are faced with seeing many face cuts and head injuries with concussions being actually common.

Even if we are basically faced with a team sport that is really brutal this did not stop it from developing a huge fan base. It is one sport that is manly and few women are playing it or even enjoy watching it. Fights do happen on the ice and penalties are quite common. Ice hockey is a very powerful game from many points of view.