Street Hockey – Another Form of Hockey

Street hockey stands out as one sport that is commonly referred to with the use of different terms like ball hockey or easy hockey. Basically this is a hockey form that you can either play on foot or skates. Games are usually held in an outdoor environment on asphalt, streets or in parking lots. Street hockey and Ice Hockey are different when thinking about the physical contact that is seen. Not much gear is used even if you will see protective items. Since we are talking about hockey you can clearly imagine that this sport is really popular in some parts of USA and Canada.

Street hockey is basically a variation of ice hockey. We are faced with the puck being replaced in most cases by special rubber balls. Special roller use pucks can also be used. If pucks will be used we will see that it is not commonly allowed to raise it in order to keep safety levels high. You will see street hockey almost always played on asphalt surfaces. You will commonly see it being played in tennis courts or basketball courts that are outdoors. Even if there are not many individuals that know this fact, the term floor hockey is used to describe indoor street hockey.

Since there is no heavy protective equipment for players you will not find body checking. The physical contact that is permitted is really similar to what we see in basketball. Rules are definitely different if we simply travel from one location to another one. Canada showcases many variations of this sport and you will see that it is popular to hold games in lacrosse boxes. This is because the game feels more like hockey when played in such locations. We can say that street hockey is much more accessible if we compare it to pro ice hockey. This is because the physical aspect of the game is not as important and this can allow even players that are not really strong to play well. This is a sport that mainly links with fun and this makes it really popular.