Mastering Jiu Jitsu Moves

Because of the trend over mixed martial arts, Jiu Jitsu has been one of the most practiced styles of martial arts . Because it allows for deadly submission attacks to be performed from the smallest fighters, it has been considered as one of the dangerous forms of martial arts .

Jiu Jitsu Moves has a lot of subcategory from the main heading of each corresponding moves . Apart from the positions of guarding, side mounting, mounting and others, there are also sections about transition moves. The conditioning of your cardio and your flexibility is covered in the transition Jiu Jitsu moves as these are two major concerns and not power that enables the person to move freely on Jiu Jitsu . In other terms, you have to work on the flexibility of your back, shoulders and most importantly, your hips .

Jiu Jitsu moves has also escape techniques from guarding and head locks . Sometimes the opponent makes use of a head lock trick to manipulate the fighter but this can be prevented with proper counter action measures and escape from the grip. You don’t have to react in the given time to prepare for a head lock escape . Escape would be easier when your attacker reaches around your neck, when you are still standing and capable of splitting into action while he’s still not punching you in the face. Reach over the attacker’s shoulder and place your palm on his jaw which will prevent the attacker from bending you over and dragging you down .

Jiu Jitsu moves also has the arm locks that gives way to the application of different methods. To give light to some example, American Jiu Jitsu arm lock is has a greater chance of execution when your opponent is on the side control on the floor. Make sure that your opponent is flat on his back and bracing your arms together to hold him in place .

Chokes and Leg locks are also parts of Jiu Jitsu . The blood supply to the brain are cut off when the fighter grabbed the opponent through the martial arts uniform by chokes in Jiu Jitsu Moves. Not all Jiu Jitsu Moves can be executed properly that is why it’s recommended to have any other means available for it.