Kettlebell women exercises for healthy and strong women

For the past twenty years, women’s exercises shifted from Jane Fonda aerobics to weightlifting, then new age influence like Yoga. Apparently women have been aware of their wellness not only for losing pounds or looking good but for shifting to a healthier choice. Although there are many type of exercises that women can choose from but nothing could seem to beat kettlebell women exercises. Yesteryears, kettlebell exercises were used by men mostly to increase strength and endurance. Using kettlebell as an exercise equipment were primarily used in Russia by men who either trained for the military or conditioned themselves for the Olympic events. Nowadays, kettlebell women workout has been practiced by women of all ages. It seems that women nowadays are becoming more sensible in choosing the right fitness program for them.

Kettlebell women workout is an ideal and effective way to shed pounds quickly.As compared to aerobic exercise that only zaps calories while you are exercising, kettlebell women workout burns calories even after the routine. The main difference lies in the fact that kettlebell women workout employs training circuit that requires the whole body to execute routines like swings, clean, snatch and jerk. Actually, these routines came from weightlifting which makes the muscle to contract at the same time control the momentum of swinging.

Kettlebell women workout is complicated at the start for many reasons. First, the highly repetitive ballistic exercises and circuit training can jumpstart even a slow metabolism. A great deal of adult women, especially mothers have gained body fat through the years which need a good kick to burn it. Although the explosive movements of kettlebell women workout are considered anaerobic, consistent repetitive actions in a circuit training makes it more intense than cardio.

Kettlebell women workout has been practiced not only by fitness fanatics but Hollywood stars like Jennifer Aniston,Geri Haliwell and Penelope Cruz. They benefit from the very strenuous workout by keeping their body fit and strong.Plus, the strength and stamina built up by women through this exercise makes them very fit for daily living. Also, bones become more dense due to the weight bearing movement thereby preventing the progress of osteoporosis in women. Interestingly, just a pair of 12 pd kettlebells can make women healthy and strong.