First Marathon Training: Initiation to a Runner’s Dream

The goal of objective of finishing a marathon race is always on the mind of every runner whether he or she is a beginner, an intermediate or an advance runner. The thrill of achieving what others consider as a superhuman effort titillates the mind of runners. Running a marathon requires a lot of sacrifice and dedication. You should ease your apprehensions and worry when undergoing your first marathon training by reading the following tips.

If possible, look for a partner or a training group before you undergo you first marathon training. You have the group or your partner as your support group. They would be there to encourage you to keep on training and stick to the marathon training schedule and diet. 98% of enthusiastic runners get discouraged and stop all together on the first two weeks of training due to the tedious monotony of training.

You and your partner should establish a marathon training schedule and a solid fitness base as your guide. Both of you should agree on a schedule where you should run 3 to 5 miles a day on weekdays and double that distance on one weekend. During the first 3 to 4 months, you should be able to increase the mileage of your runs peaking by adding a maximum of 10 percent every week. During this period, you should have at least run 3 and a maximum of 6 long runs with distances of 18 to 20 miles. Your endurance base would be developed during this period of your first marathon training.
Once the fifth month of training begins, this is the time when you and your partner should taper off. You should begin decreasing 25 percent of your running distance every week to give the body to recuperate and recover. This period is set for your recovery, recuperation resulting in a loose and supple feeling come race day.

All throughout your first marathon training, you should exercise and develop your mental toughness. Visualize yourself becoming the runner you want to be. Stay away from negative aura by keeping focus and thinking of positive affirmations. Don’t worry about if you did not cover the whole length of the marathon in your first marathon training, surely the determination, the inspiration alone will lead you to the finish line.