How to complete running a marathon

Serious runners who are running for almost two years and have joined a half-marathon can now consider running a marathon. At such rate, their bodies as well as system is used to a rigorous marathon training that can go on for months. In most cases, these individuals have made a training program that increased their stamina, endurance and speed during the training. Lastly, their bodies clearly manifest all the effort they have poured in into the sports. Now, it’s the perfect chance for running a marathon that covers 26.2 miles which can be considered formidable challenge.

Running a marathon demands a lot of persistence since it takes not only stamina but also some speed to improve one’s personal record or at least get ahead. You may not really win for a couple of times but your goal can be simply finishing the whole race. In that case, the following advice can help you finish running a marathon and enjoy it as well:

Practice is essential. An excellent approach to endure running a marathon is to run on the race course itself as much as possible. It would be helpful if you can run at least 10 miles twice on practice .Having a feel of that actual race course makes you familiar with the terrain and environment.You also have to be aware of the weather during the time of your run. Hot or cold temperature can surely affect your body.

Take a rest a day before the event. Avoid any strenuous activity a day before the event so you can relax and recover after weeks of training. It is okay to stretch legs by walking but not for more than two hours. It would also be the right time to prepare all the materials you need like clothes, socks, drinks etc. Just watch movies or hang out with friends but sleep early to be able to conserve energy in running a marathon the following day.

Load on carbo. Carbohydrates like pasta is the best choice for dinner since it provides energy. Eat moderately and hydrate yourself. Don’t take a midnight snack and have an electrolyte rich drink before sleeping.

Running a marathon is bot easy but following the advice given could make you last the whole race.