Marine marathon – keeping up with the fighting spirit

Regularly,there are around 500 marathon events held worldwide. Aside from the Olympics, serious runners usually participate in the world’s ultra 5 marathon held in London, Berlin, Boston and other key cities in the world. Aside from having the chance to improve one’s personal record, joining such marathons can take you to historic sites that are completely awesome. In spite of this,there exists a special marathon created for the elite soldiers – marine marathon. First of all, this is a unique marathon since members of the U.S. marine corps are the ones running in this race. Without a doubt, almost all the participants here are physically fit since they are not just fitness buffs, they are the Marines corps.

The Marine marathon known as the Marine Corps marathon is the 4th largest US Marathon which never fails to attract a lot of audience. A unique characteristic of the marine marathon is that there is no prize money at all. For this reason, it is called “The People’s Marathon”. The event originated from a concept of a Colonel named Jim Fowler according to history courtesy of marinemarathon website. The Vietnam War did give the military a bad rap, also, distance running was a popular sport at that time. Col Fowler had a great idea that he shared to his superiors – the marine marathon which has four great motives: promote goodwill to the community, present the Marine Corps, a tool for recruitment and give the chance to Marines to qualify for the Boston Marathon. The Boston Marathon is hard to join since it required a certain personal record before you are allowed to participate.

The rest is history as all the marines that time got excited and even prompted the navy secretary Middendorf to donate a beautiful trophy. All things fell into places as the hot ad agency J Walter Thompson took charge of the promotion along with the support of Runner’s magazine. Even an Olympic Team member of the corps, Sgt.Alex Breckinridge contributed by promoting the event and attending the planning sessions. Truly, one man’s lofty ideas became the well respected marine marathon held annually. Each marine that crosses the finish line of the marine marathon achieves something else.