Nutrition is important for a long marathon

After being a serious runner for some years, you have finally decided to participate in a long marathon that would test your strength and endurance. Now, you want to make a personal record which will be your measure for succeeding long marathon events that you would join. Technically, a long marathon covers a distance of 10 miles or more. Normally, the run would last no less than 90 minutes so your endurance would be tested. The long marathon is just a component of the training for the full marathon that runs 26.2 miles. It’s beyond physical strength but more of mental challenge since you have to encourage yourself in a long marathon. Aside from mental and physical preparation, an important consideration in preparating for a long marathon is proper nutrition.

A long marathon needs the right food choices since the body must be able to last the run by efficiently utilizing all the energy stored in the body. The body normally holds energy in the form of fat so once the body needs more power, glycogen is released to fuel the muscles. By training the body in a long marathon, the muscles are accustomized storing more glycogen. Thereby, it is vital to understand how to properly sustain the body in a long run so you can endure the race.

A healthy diet for a long marathon consists of food rich in carbohydrates. This can include pasta or rice depending upon your preference. At least two days before a long marathon, do not eat fatty foods. Also,do not eat strong or spicy foods that can cause stomach pain during the long marathon thus slowing your performance. However, do not eat a lot especially the night before the run. Also, stay away from alcoholic beverages since they dehydrate the body which is defeating.

Another way of enduring a long marathon is by taking a light snack during your station break. It is also necessary to take sports drinks or beverages that can replace electrolyte loss to prevent dehydration. If you are training for a long marathon, consume carbo immediately after the exercise to regain muscle power.

Enduring a long marathon is possible as long as you choose the right food.