Preparation for a Half Marathon Training

Half marathons are gaining a lot of popularity nowadays. They may have different reasons why they participate in half marathons. Some have ran 5 km and 10 km races and want to compete on the next level. Others may undergo half marathon training to experience first half the distance because they have their sights on competing for the full marathon.

Beginners are usually intimidated of the half marathon training alone. There is no need to worry as long as the runner possess a basic fitness level before undergoing half marathon training. Undergoing a half marathon training assumes that the runner has the ability to run 3 miles for three to four times a week. If the runner feels that he or she is not ready for such distance and frequency, then he or she should develop his or her endurance base by running short distances as frequent as possible.

A comfortable pace is a necessity in half marathon training. If the runner is training with a partner, they must be able to hold a decent conversation while running. If one cannot carry one, it means that one or both runners are running too fast.

The distances that a runner should cover would be dictated by the half marathon-training schedule. It usually covers distances of three to ten miles. The runner should not worry if he or she cannot cover the exact distances but he or she should come close. The runner can pick a scenic route to run to add some variety to his or half marathon training and he or she can seek counsel as to where are the best measured courses around.

Half marathon training emphasizes the importance of rest. Rest and relaxation allows the body to heal and recover and get ready for those long weekend runs.

The key to finishing a half marathon is the long run. During half marathon training, a runner should increase his or her distance each week so he or she can track his or her progress. When the runner reaches the last stages of his or half marathon training, he or she must have increase the long run from 3 miles to 10 miles.

In parting, walking is also a part of half marathon training and it would be a mistake to take it for granted. After all, finishing the race on one’s two feet is what matters, whether one is running or walking.