Selecting an Appropriate Training Program

Before you decide to join a marathon, you should avail yourself of a marathon training program that could cater to both beginners up to advance marathon runner. While checking for marathon training programs, it is better to avail one that has yielded positive results. You can browse to the Internet and find that varying programs available but you should be specific when it comes to choosing the right marathon-training program.

Before selecting among the existing marathon training programs available, make sure to find the ones that have a structured regimen. It should also include the three phases of marathon training, the build-up phase, the taper off phase and the recovery phase. The phases should be followed because they have different uses and the sum of each part completes the whole training regimen. If you deviate from any of the phase, chances are you will be ill prepared for your competition and much worse is you may incur injuries along the way.

Building up stamina and racking up distances is the initial phase of the marathon-training program. The increase should be moderate, meaning you should not go over ten percent of the initial distance that you began with after your first week. Dramatic increase of distance will not give the body ample time to adjust hence you would be prone to injuries. In this phase, by following the marathon-training program, your training would be structured. On weekdays, there is a schedule where you run for only short distances and on weekends, there is a day where you would have long distance running. By the schedule and flow of the marathon training program, the stamina and the endurance base on your part is being developed. The rest of the week, the body will recover from that particular long session. The short sessions prevent the muscles from cramping up by making it loose and supple.

When the build-up phase of the marathon training program reaches its end, the tapering off phase comes next. The month before the race is when you should be tapering off already. This is the opportune time for the body to recover and recuperate. This phase requires you to decrease your weekly mileage by 25 percent. On the final week, only a few and short running distances are allowed. When race day comes, you will understand the importance of the tapering off period because of your loose and peak condition.

Be sure to abide by the marathon training program’s recovery phase after you finish running the marathon. This is the time to relax, recover and recuperate from the sacrifice the body took when you began your marathon-training program. You should stick to the marathon training program like glue because it guarantees you less hassle and less injuries.