Some Marathon Training Tips

Marathon training is gives both the psychological and physical attributes of a person all it can handle. Marathon training relies heavily on the strict discipline to stick to a certain routine, a regimen, healthy diet so that you have the tools to complete a marathon. Marathon training and marathon running can be enjoyable if you consider the following marathon training tips.

The initial marathon training tip is to know what your capabilities and what you want to accomplish. You can begin knowing yourself by logging and remembering the number of miles you run in a week. Training is about time and mile counting. You should be running for 2 to 3 hours for about six times during the course of the training. If this would be your first time to participate in a marathon, better start training six months before the marathon race. Begin your training schedule by running for 3 to 5 miles within the week and double the distance during the weekends. Just add a few more miles on the next weekends until you reach the distance of a full marathon.

You should also learn not to overdo your training. This marathon training tip tells you to listen to your body and learn to taper off. You should let the body recover from the aches and pains of training, and to taper off means that the last run should be two weeks before the marathon meet. This is the chance of the body to renew and replenish.

What the body should consume is also considered by nutritionists when they have their piece on marathon training tips. Their marathon training tip on diet is simplified by taking massive amounts of carbohydrates, complimenting it with protein, some fiber for the digestive system, intake of lot of fluids to replace the ones lost and avoiding unfamiliar foods that would upset the stomach. Snacks are allowed during marathon training but it should be limited to sunflower seeds, nutrition bars and bananas.

Finally, you have to condition your mind that you can do it. Once the brain can visualize the goal, the body will surely follow. A marathon training tip that is shared by common runners is to remember good memories during the first half of the marathon. Remember the fun times and dedicate the first few miles to those good memories. This would lighten the load and would help you establish a pace in reaching your goal.