Sticking to a Marathon Training Schedule

It is suggested that devising a marathon-training schedule should be the initial process when you plan to run a marathon. Running a marathon entails a lot of training and dedication. If you are a novice runner, then you should undergo an intense training regimen before joining an actual marathon. Following a marathon-training schedule is an important part of training for a marathon.

The marathon meet that you would participate in must give you a six-month allowance in training time and to set a marathon-training schedule. Running programs and regimens have a lot of variations and styles so it is important to find the right fit for you. If you are a beginner, a novice runner or if you don’t run 25 miles a week, then it is important to find the suitable training regimen.

You should set the date of the actual marathon and from there begin logging the training dates and weeks backwards until you settled a marathon training schedule. By counting backwards, you can set the date when the actual marathon training begins.

Compare your training routes to the actual marathon race and check for similarities by driving around or by using a pedometer. Make sure there are similarities so you can familiarize yourself with the pace and the distance.

The marathon training schedule should be followed at all cost; there shouldn’t be any deviation. Training also involves you to taper off from running. Tapering off is when you allow your body to replenish and recover especially on rest days. Observe your rest days faithfully so you won’t over train or you won’t suffer a burnout.

Diet is also considered in the marathon training diet schedule. The marathon training schedule instructs you not to skip meals, and eat a heavy carbohydrate dinner or lunch days before each week’s long run. Make sure you take in a lot of liquids the day before the long run. Never skip meals and also include snacks like nutrition bars or bananas in your diet. When running, try to stay hydrated by drinking liquids every 3 miles and after running, keep on drinking liquids.

Overall, it takes a lot of dedication and sacrifice to finish a marathon, but all it takes to start training is a marathon training schedule.