Why you should join women’s marathon

A large number of fitness buffs worldwide are women. There are different reasons behind this fact. First, women have realized the value of their health nowadays which is why they are striving towards wellness. Second, being active like joining a women’s marathon can help them shed pounds while training. Thus, sports activities provide women with a lot of benefits so they join different programs. Presently, a popular fitness activity for women are women’s marathon because they like the charitable cause behind it. The history of women’s marathon can be traced back to 1984 Summer Olympics where it was first started. An American woman named Joan Benoit was the gold medalist of that historic event. Nowadays, many participate in women’s marathon for several reasons but they have one thing in common: they all derive health benefits from running.

These days,there are a lot of women’s marathon held in different places of the world. A unique feature of women’s marathon is that they are usually half marathon so that covers only 10 miles. However,the half women’s marathon should be completed in 4 hours or less while fun run for 5k must be done in an hour. In the United States, there are several charity women’s marathon held in Arizona, Tennessee, and Florida. The recipient of the women’s marathon is normally a breast cancer foundation which needs extra funds.

Yearly, the Flora women’s marathon held in Dublin, Ireland is a big international event that sponsors a lot of charities. Even well known personalities grace the event to show support for these active women running for the 10k. So far, 750,000 women have participated in the Flora women’s marathon that never fails to attract crowds. It is annuallly held every June 7 which is actually a bank holiday in Ireland.

Likewise, Nike is celebrating its annual women’s marathon in San Francisco where the beneficiary is the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. There are 20,000 running for the cause. Particicipating in a women’s marathon is perfect time for women to be with their friends since they can enter as a team. This puts a lot of fun on the run as girlfriends encourage one another along the race.