Mouth Guard and Concussion

The effect of concussion is popular mainly for athletes associated with hardcore sports. Some examples are hockey, rugby, football, boxing, and other contact sports. Concussion is a brain injury that results due to trauma sustained to the head. Just so you know, there are also other causes of concussion aside from sports. But here is an important question: does wearing a mouthguard reduces the chances of concussion? Articles that are printed are based by statements and theories delivered by several neurologists and experts. Mouthguard was once thought help prevent the occurrence of concussion. Unfortunately this view was later rejected. There is no sufficient research linking mouthguards to concussion prevention.

A mouthguards’s materials must obviously have shock-absorption capabilities. They should appear flexible but soft enough to receive the energy of impact and diffuse the force.

The thickness of the material is directly proportional to the absorption of force and indirectly proportional to the diffusion of forces upon the blow. A mouthguard is an oral apparatus that have dissimilar densities; others are more thick and not very user-friendly. The bottom line between mouthguards and concussion is, the role of the mouthguard is for the protection of the teeth and or facial structures, and these things should achieve this goal with adequate protection in the areas prone to be traumatized.

Even when using a mouthguard, one must be familiar with the symptoms of concussion such as poor balance, difficulty focusing, blurred vision, headache, disorientation, and nausea. As you may have found out from other articles concerning mouthguard, they do not focus only on protecting your teeth alone, they are are able to prevent neck injury and shock that is prevalent in extreme physical sports.

Taking into account mouthguard and concussion, prevention is the major factor.

Worldwide, the trend cannot end by one failure of the appliance alone; few of the technology’s diversities are focused on improving of what was already in. It is not just a device that is used for protection, it is also a result of countless studies that has been done to improve it.