Have A Fun Party With Pony Games For Girls

Little girls are thrilled to see ponies. Most of the time, these little kids ask their parents to buy them ponies for their birthdays. But it’s not always possible for every family since taking care of ponies can be expensive. Pony games for girls are considered great ideas from parents and game inventors who have used their know-how and imagination.

And of course, these games are not costly and they certainly offer fun and enjoyment to the little girls. You just have to be creative to create an alternative. So pony games for girls are essential especially during birthday parties.

“Horse, Horse, Pony” is just one of the various pony games for girls that you can play during parties. This is a substitute game which was based on the “Duck, Duck, Goose” game.

To start with the game, arrange the girls on the floor, forming a circle. Have them sit with their legs crossed. Choose the girl who will stand as the cowgirl and tell her to walk around outside the circle. The cowgirl gently taps each girl’s head while saying “horse, horse, pony”. She’ll decides who among the seated girls will be tapped and called “pony”. Once the “pony” is chosen, the girl and the cowgirl will run around the circle until the cowgirl sits on the pony’s place before she’s tagged. Tell the girls to cheer their friends while running around the circle.

The “Pony Parade” is another fun girly game that is best for parties. This pony game needs some hair barrettes, ponytails and additional accessories for the girls to use before the parade.

Take out your full-length or wall mirrors, ensuring that the girls can see their reflection. Fill the place with colorful barrettes, ribbons, hair brushes, combs, ponytail holder and other girlie hair accessories. Tell the girls to decorate and beautify their hair just like those cute horses they see. assist the adults to help the kids in styling their hair. When the girls are done, tell them to surround the birthday girl for a photo shoot. Turn on the music to the tune of “Home on the Range”, “Camptown Races” and others that have ponies and horses in the lyrics or theme. Then instruct the girls to parade around and show off their pony hair-dos while prancing.

Give away favors and prizes that have pony themes. For sure all these plus your pony games for girls will win the hearts of the little ones.