Building Endurance in Surf Training

All people that surf will let you know that the adrenaline levels felt are really high. Nothing can actually compare to surf. It offers unique sensations and an experience that is breath taking. The real problem with surfing is the fact that a surfer needs to be really fit in order to maximize results obtained. Contrary to what you might have believed conditioning does not come alone with just surfing. Conditioning needs to be built outside of the ocean.

The first step in conditioning for surf training is starting a good cardiovascular workout program. In the event that you want to surf then you have to consider this fact. Endurance is gained and this is crucial when going on long surfing sessions. In the event that you are just starting training you should consider activities like swimming or cycling.

As you get better you can put in more aerobics, start running and practice different forms of martial arts. Then you should also analyze your legs. If you are looking for easily maneuvering your board then you need strong legs. Never forget about stretching though as this can lead to injuries. Leg presses, squats and lounges are important when surf training.

Besides all that was written you need to also always think about the upper body region as well. A lot of people are neglecting this and it stops them from surfing better. The upper body is crucial in keeping balance so it has to be conditioned too. In order to be fast at paddling you will need strong arms and shoulders. Bench presses and push ups are usually enough for most people although upper arm curls can also add to your surf training conditioning. Always remember that there is a need to work outside water too. Surf training conditioning has an importance that must not be neglect or you might end up not being able to surf as you could. If you spend 3 weekly sessions in gyms and do cardio daily you are to get great results.