Finding the Surf Style in You

Surf style does constantly change. A popularity level shown by a style can become really old really fast. We see a lot of novice surfers that go to shops and buy the latest in surf style clothes and equipment. After that they will leave while feeling like a true surfer when they are definitely not. Also, the word “dude” keeps appearing mostly around surfing wannabes. Good examples of false surf style can also be given in car stickers and other possible references you might have heard on TV.

The truth is that surf style comes natural to surfers. Because fashion changes we are to see clothes changes as well. When referring to surf style there is something else that we need to consider. Style is nothing something that is necessarily associated with a great board or even trendy clothes. In fact, those people that actually have surf style in them will not think about this too much. When talking about style you need to first understand that surfing is more than just style.

We are confident in saying that you surely saw the common surf style that appears on TV: stupid and laid back. This is probably the worst characterization of a true surfer. Hundreds of really good surfers exist and they have a regular job, are smart and linked between them thanks to a surfing passion. The spirit that the surfer has dictates surf style. You can clearly see this when the person comes out from a surfing session. People that put their love for the sport as a top priority almost always have surf style. They will not use clothes that are always in fashion and are not to use dude all the time while focusing on their laid back appearance. The spirit of the real surfer is filled with energy and can be seen in a simple smile.