Popular Surf Destinations in Africa

When referring to surf Africa unfortunately only a few will think about the continent when surfing. Contrary to what you might believe, the continent can give a surfing experience you will not forget. The only popular destinations are Senegal, Morocco and South Africa and even they stand out as not documented properly. Unfortunately one problem that does exist in Africa is travel time.

A good number of surfers stay home due to this. A long travelling time is needed at times and this especially true around equator regions. Fortunately for tourists there are countries like South Africa and Morocco that are containing this problem. Simply put, these two countries should be considered in the event that you want to surf in Africa and do not want to be faced with possible complications. If less explored places is what you are after then Ghana, Mozambique and Angola should be considered. There are a minimum of 3 great surfing spots in every country. Marocco features over thirty while South Africa over ninety.

Unfortunately when talking about surf Africa a problem stands in the high levels of crime. For instance South Africa, although a perfect surfing destination, has a really high crime incidence. Basically we mean that you do need to be careful whenever you are visiting. Never carry valuables with you and if you are driving make sure that the doors are locked at all times.

On the other hand tourists are really well protected by authorities. We do recommend a lot of attention to pockets and consider avoiding places like Hillbrow and Hoannesburg. Morocco is a little safer but there is a constant concern of terrorist acts taking place. Just as in South Africa, you need to be careful.

Even if concerns for highlighted problems have to exist the surfing quality that we see is definitely impressive. You will not be in any problem if you do not stand out of the crowd. It is necessary to always travel light and the valuables have to stay home. The hotel where you stay can provide safety for them. All people that did surf in Africa were surprised. You can too.