What To Consider When Talking About Surf Style

We see surf style changing constantly. A popularity level shown by a style can become really old really fast. Many novice surfers will simply go to shops and buy everything that is considered fashionable in equipment and clothes. They then leave feeling like real surfers when in fact they are not. Also, unfortunately the use of “dude” is really strong and often portrayed by wannabes. Two very good examples of false surf style are stickers that are sometimes used on cars and various possible references you surely heard on TV shows.

Surf style is natural for some surfers. Clothes changing does happen although this is as a direct impact of fashion changes in general. When referring to surf style there is something else that we need to consider. The fact that one person has really trendy clothes or a great looking board does not mean he also has style. People that really hold surf style will never be bothered by having it or not. Surfing can be described as a way of living when it gets to the point that we have to talk about surf style.

We are sure that you saw on TV the common surf style of being laid back and a little stupid. This can be considered the worst possible surfer characterization. We know there are basically hundreds of surfers out there that are tied between them by a surfing passion while also having good jobs and being smart. The spirit that the surfer has dictates surf style.

You can see this in this person’s eye as he is coming out of the ocean. People that put their love for the sport as a top priority almost always have surf style. They do not need to dress in clothes that bear dozens of stickers and will not keep talking with dude and maintaining a laid back spirit. You can see a surfer that has spirit thanks to the warm you see when he smiles.