Why You Should Surf In Africa

When talking about surf Africa we see that few people consider this continent. Contrary to what you might believe, the continent can give a surfing experience you will not forget. The only locations that people know of are in South Africa, Senegal and Morocco although even they are not properly documented. Unfortunately Africa travel time can translate into a problem. Some surfers will stay away because of this. Travelling from one point to the other does take some time, especially near the equator. The good news is that in countries like Morocco and South Africa this problem is well taken care of.

Simply put, in the event that surfing in Africa is what you want and nothing extravagant you should consider the 2 countries. If less explored places is what you are after then Ghana, Mozambique and Angola should be considered. Every country listed offers a minimum of 3 surfing locations. In Morocco you can find over 30 and in South Africa over 90.

The one real problem with Africa surfing is high crime levels. As an example, if we take South Africa we can say that the surfing is extraordinary but the crime levels are also high. This basically means that you need to be really careful whenever visiting. You need to lock the doors of your cars even when driving and always travel light. On the other hand tourists are really well protected by authorities. Cities like Hillbrow or Johannesburg have to be avoided and you need to always pay attention to pockets. Morocco is a little safer but there is a constant concern of terrorist acts taking place. Similar to South Africa there is a need to being careful.

Although there are concerns for the problems mentioned above, what is important is the surfing quality. If you can keep a low profile you will surely not have problems. You just have to travel light at all times and leave valuables at home. They can be put in the safe of a hotel. Every person that took the decision to surf in Africa was pleasantly surrprised. You can too.