Telling A Single Mouthguard From A Double Mouthguard

There are many reasons why people have a hard time selecting the correct mouthguard for them. Beside from the existence of many brands available, mouthguards also come in two different varieties. These types are the single mouthguard and the double mouthguard. Each variety has its own benefits and limitations which are divulged to the individuals who have already utilized them. If you don’t have the luxury of trying out both the single and the double mouthguard, here are some of the things that you can anticipate.

Single mouthguards are generally thinner and lighter than double mouthguards. This is why it is preferred by those who cannot support heavy mouthguards because of weaker mouth structures. However, due to its thinner composition, there are several people who believes that they are more protected with a double mouthguard. As the thickness of mouthguards is an inaccurate basis for judging mouthguards, this kind of thinking is generally not acknowledged by professional boxers and athletes alike.

One thing that is apparent in a double mouthguard is that it has a more undersized breathing channels compareedto a single mouthguard.

This is actually the most common complain of people who are not really into using this type of mouthguard. Several people advise doing cardio exercises while the double mouthguard is in the mouth so that you will be able to get used to it. However, there are also individuals who have no difficulties breathing whenever they utilize double mouthguards.

Some people also say that a double mouthguard is for those people who need a lot of mouth protection because of the sport that they are into. However, there are also those who claim that single mouthguards offer more protection than their double counterpart. Regarding this aspect of mouthguards, you have to bear in mind that their quality is dependent on the people who built them. It follows that a double mouthguard is not truly more tougher than a single mouthguard.