Common Tennis Techniques

All tennis players that want to improve their game are going to have to learn a number of advanced tennis techniques. Unfortunately this is done by a lot of people that do not understand why they are not playing better. Below you are to find some of those tennis techniques that are really important and have to be properly mastered. Keep in mind that you should also get a coach in the event that you want to go into competitions.

The importance of playing the net needs to be taken seriously. If you can use it, a smash can be really effective and is usually unblockable. This is possible when the ball comes towards the level of your head and you are close to the net. Alternatively, instead of hitting the ball back towards the bottom line you can always just stop it near the net.

For anyone to actually master how to play the net there is a need to think about another good tennis technique. We are referring to charging the net. When an opponent is running towards corners in order to hit the ball you are most likely going to have the best position to stay at near the net. You have to basically understand when charging the net is useful. This is usually done right before the player is about to hit the ball back. Alternatively, if your opponent uses charging the net then mastering lobbing can help out a lot in countering this.

You can not use net play skills if you are bad at regular bottom court hits. There is a need to also spend enough time practicing footwork in a combination with line shots. Most advanced tennis techniques try to trick opponents through balance shifts. Slicing the ball can add a nice twist to any ball played. Through this the opponent can be caught off guard. Only when you get to a higher point in hand to eye coordonation skills you can actually achieve this.

What you read above is just a small part of all the tennis techniques that you can develop. As we already mentioned, there is always the possibility of hiring coaches. If not, help can be gained from your personal tennis partner. More good tennis techniques can be mastered after you get better.