Tennis Techniques You Should Know

All that want to learn how to play better tennis will have to understand that different tennis techniques really need to be properly mastered. Unfortunately this is done by a lot of people that do not understand why they are not playing better. Below you will find some of the most common and important tennis techniques that you need to master. Always remember that there is a need of professional coaching if competing is what you want to do.

Playing the net is definitely a part of playing tennis that is important. If the circumstances allow it one shot that can not be blocked in most cases is the smash. This does happen if you are closer to the net and the ball comes towards you at the level of the head or shoulders. Alternatively players will also try to stop the ball and make it land close to the net so that the opponent can not reach it fast enough.

For anyone to actually master how to play the net there is a need to think about another good tennis technique. Charging the net is what we are to discuss. If the opponent runs towards a corner and then hits the ball towards you the best position to hit the ball back is from near the net. You will not always find it suitable to charge nets. In most situations you need to do this right as the opponent is getting ready to hit back the tennis ball. Alternatively, if the opponent charges the net you should try to master lobbing the ball so that he gets caught off guard.

If you do not have the skills to play in the court’s bottom part it will be useless to learn net play. There is a need to also spend enough time practicing footwork in a combination with line shots. Most of the advanced techniques you are to learn are focusing on using your balance in order to trick opponents. Slicing the ball can add a nice twist to any ball played. This move is to definitely catch opposing players off guard. Unfortunately you will only be able to do this when you improve hand to eye coordination.

What was written above refers to a small portion of the good tennis techniques that need to be learned. As we did talk about above, coaches can be suitable. If not, the tennis partner that you have can also help out. After you can properly use a new technique you just have to move to another one.