What Has to be Known About Tennis

Tennis stands out as one game that is really popular. Although there are quite many that play it or watch it some tennis facts are not known. For instance, did you know that the clay court is the surface on which the original tennis games were played? Tennis players enjoy to play on clay even today. Let us analyze some tennis facts that you might find really interesting and not known by many people.

When playing tennis the balls are usually light green. Some people will say that they are yellow when in fact the topic is not about that. When you play for fun or training you are most likely using yellow balls although during competitions we will see light green balls.

What only few know is that the teniis balls we see now were first simply stuffed with wool, hair and leather made. Louis XIV was the main reason why this was implemented. At the same point in time in other parts of the world we saw tennis balls made out of different materials. We even saw human hair or putty utilized. Nowadays the tennis balls that are used are fully aerodynamic thanks to evolution in technology. What is interesting is that a pressurized ball will lose its bounce as time passes and one that is pressure-less will start bouncing more because of losing fuzz. This is the reason why tennis ball changes happen often during a game.

Today we can see around three hundred million tennis balls produced yearly. Due to the fact that rubber is used in order to make the balls different environmental concerns arise. It is not at all easy to recycle them. Thanks to various alternatives developed we think that all debates are soon to end. The good news is that no matter the debates tennis is constantly growing in popularity. Most people are aware of how to play the game and it is one sport that brings in only benefits for human bodies. While we are not to see a lot of people that will compete, the recreational sport value of tennis is quite high.