What are the best marathons held worldwide?

The Marathon traces its beginnings from a legend from Greece where supposedly, a Greek soldier named Pheidippides ran two hundred forty kilometers to bring news about the Battle of Marathon according to Herodotus. Nonetheless, modern marathon which became an Olympic event in 1986 covers an official distance of 26 miles and 385 yards. Presently, contemporary athletes join best marathons in the world as they are challenged to maintain or even improve their personal record. In fact, around 500 marathons are held in different countries around the world. However, only a few running events can be considered as best marathons since the event usually requires qualifying time for participants. To be specific, some of the best marathons like the Boston marathon requires a male forty year old and above to complete the course in less than 3 hours and 20 minutes. The qualifying time depends in the age group and gender which can be very discriminating for the common folks.The Best marathons typically include the Five Marathon majors: Berlin, Boston, Chicago, London and New York City.

The Flora London Marathon is known as one of the best marathons since it challenges professional runners in which thousands of people cheer the athletes which can be awesome for a beginner. The track passes through historic places with various twists and turns that makes the run exciting. However, the cobblestone footpaths near the Tower of London should be noted by runners.

The Berlin Marathon is also regarded as one of the Best Marathons since aside from a record breaking course, one gets to run through historic places as well as modern hi-tech shops that showcase the old and new Berlin. Aside from the great sights, the event is effectively managed by the organizers. The route is rather flat, wide and straight so no uphill challenges like London marathon.

The Boston Marathon is considered as the oldest marathon event in the world. However, as aforementioned, the strict qualifying time disqualifies a lot of recreational runners from joining it. To become a participant would mean belonging to an elite group of runners who have concentrated all their focus for this event. Surely, the crowds cheer makes you feel like it’s an Olympic event.

Indeed, joining the best marathons of the world is a dream come true for every runner.