What you need to prepare for a ketllebell competition

Ever since kettlebells became popular thanks to the Russians, every fitness enthusiast especially weightlifters started using these nifty cannonballs for their training. Different brands and producers came up with kettlebells of shapes and sizes to capture more people who are interested in kettlebells. Nowadays, we can hear of kettlebell competition in many parts of the world as lovers of this sport have seriously mastered the routines.

Kettlebell users have benefitted from advantages like shed extra pounds, build strength and even increased heart endurance. Today, you are dreaming of joining a kettlebell competition that would put your skills to a test. However, joining a kettlebell competition is not a spur of the moment decision. It takes months or even years of planning and conditioning one’s physique to be able to excel in such challenge. Remember,competitors have prepared a lot too. Aside from this, they could have undergone serious in an RKC seminar.

In the United States, a recognized kettlebell competition is the Kettlebell Sport. The Kettlebell Sport is a kettlebell competition that requires jerking two kettlebells for maximum repetitions. As soon as you have done that ,you need to snatch one kettlebell with each arm for maximum repetitions. Indeed, the goal is quite formidable since stamina and strength must be developed. The following tips can help you prepare for a kettlebell competition: Condition your mind. Winning begins in the mind so familiarize yourself with competition rules, guidelines and techniques. It would be to your advantage if you can watch videos of kettlebell competition. Also,interview past participants or winners if possible. Start planning your goals and visualize yourself doing the right moves.

Practice hard and consistently. Practice everyday and use your goals as a guideline for your training. The competition is more complicated so make sure to level up your training cycle so you can reach your maximum potential.

Have a good diet. The strenuous routine would consume all your energy so make sure you have the right diet and supplements so that you will be physically ready for the event.

Truly, kettlebell competition is challenging and should be done with pleasure too.