Why a springless trampoline is the ideal choice for safer work-out

A great majority of fitness enthusiasts worldwide are aware of the health benefits that can be derived from bouncing on trampoline. Aside from cardiovascular benefits, bouncing also develops balance and coordination in the body. Nevertheless, some people only use traditional trampolines despite the reality that there is a better alternative: spring less trampolines. These springless trampolines are not so well-recognized in other countries. In fact, springless trampoline can be considered safer than regular trampolines because of its unique features.

A Springless trampolines was created with safety as the primary goal since regular trampolines have been nown to cause injuries and accidents. Although spring trampolines are usually safe since features strong metal tubes, good stitching, great padding and rigid enclosures, statistics reveal the opposite. Data from National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NIESS ) in 1995 reported high incidence of trampoline injury which is why springless trampoline would be the suitable choice. Most of the time, injuries from trampoline stem from head collisions or hitting the steel frames after bouncing. The springs can be a major cause of injury which is why springless trampoline fits as perfect substitute. A springless trampoline brand gaining wide acceptance from fitness enthusiasts is the Springfree Trampoline which took more than a decade to design to ensure that it has the best possible features. The brand Springfree Trampoline is actually a springless trampoline that made use of flexible layers of rods that are carefully placed on certain angles underneath the mat. The bouncing effects is just as normal as the result from a spring trampoline.

Springless trampoline also have sturdy frames with legs that are angled outwards. For this reason, people bouncing from the springless trampoline have added support so they won’t flip over. The matting found in springless trampoline is another plus since it’s top quality and durable, making it more lasting than regular brands. The matted cushioning can endure heavy bouncing without being slippery so children are secure in using this type of equipment. Similarly, buying a springless trampolines that conforms to safety standards like the Australian Standards (AS4989 – Trampolines – Safety Aspects) adds peace of mind. By knowing that the springless trampoline is safe, you would further save money on hospitalization costs at the same time fully enjoy the bouncing benefits. It’s time to switch to springless trampoline so that fun-filled activities are safer and healthier.