Some Basic Wrestling Moves

Wrestling gear is required to sportsmen who indulge in the sport of wrestling. This is of outmost importance since in the case of wrestling any unintentional blows could occur and cause long term damage to an individual’s body parts. Listed here are the wrestling gear that every aspiring wrestler should have at their disposal before getting it on in the ring or the mat to endure their safety.

The head gear and ear guard. Head gear or is more properly used for preventing any damage done to the ears. Most head gears are cushioned from the forehead, ear and chin. Most of the blows during a wrestling match are targeted at the ear. If you are unable to cover the ear, you might end up bursting the blood vessels in the delicate region around the ear which can cause permanent swelling.

Singlets are one-piece uniform is made from materials such as spandex and nylon since they cling to the body and are difficult to grab during a match. This allows you not to be easily thrown by your opponent since they will find it hard to grab you through your singlet.

Wrestling shoes are designed to protect your feet by being shock proof. Wrestling shoes are lightweight and elastic that will provide good ankle support and conform perfectly around your feet so that you won’t feel hampered. Resistance to wear and tear is also another property that you will enjoy in good wrestling shoes.

Other wrestling gear includes knee and elbow pads which will protect your limbs and joints from getting injured. This wrestling gear is specifically designed to allow free movement without any difficult. Knee and elbow pads are soft and cushioned on the inside that is also highly flexible. Elbow and knee pads are not are requirement during international professional wrestling tournaments, but are required during highs school and college level tournaments. Other wrestling gears include face masks and braces to protect the head and jockstraps to support the male genitalia. Remember to come fully equipped with these gears to ensure a safe and enjoyable sport that you can participate in over and over again.