Some Drills to Improve Your Wrestling Techniques

Ever thought of getting to take down your opponent on the ground with some slick wrestling moves? In order for you to do that you will have to brush up your basic wrestling moves first. There are two basic categories for wrestling moves, the stance and the takedown techniques. Learn these categories first before mastering some slick takedown moves that will leave your opponent in awe.

As a wrestler you must fully understand the fundamental skill that is a solid stance. A good stance is the best foundation for most wrestling moves. There is a saying that goes around among wrestlers and trainers such as “Without a good stance, a wrestler doesn’t have a chance”. In order to begin, you need to place your feet a little more than shoulder width apart from each other.

Bend your knees and squat down until your elbows are touching the thighs just above the knees. Remember to keep your back straight while squatting.

Once you have practiced and mastered a firm stance, it is time you are introduced to basic wrestling moves from the standing position such as the ankle pick and the single and double-leg takedowns.

For the ankle pick, you need to grab your opponent’s ankle with your opposite hand and lifts it towards your waist. Use the grabbed leg as force then try to trip your opponent towards the mat.

In the single-leg takedown wrestling move you will reach for one of your opponent’s legs and pull it towards your chest. After pulling the leg towards your chest you will lift and turn the leg, forcing your opponent to the mat. The double-leg takedown is pulled of like the single-leg takedown except that you grab both legs at the same time.

Takedowns are effective wrestling moves since they are quite difficult to block. In some circumstances, this move allows you to flatten your attacker to the mat. If you are able to grab a hold of your opponent’s arm, then you can often spin it around, forcing your opponent to the mat, and taking the down in the process. Now you’ve got grasp of some basic wrestling moves, it’s time to practice them with a real opponent and then go on the next level!