Why There are Different Wrestling Weight Classes

Wrestling is a sport where two opponents try to pin each other’s shoulders to a mat towards the floor. Wrestlers use different techniques to grasp their opponents and control their movements. A good wrestler has great strength, speed, balance, physical conditioning, and knowledge of the different wrestling moves and techniques. A good wrestler can often hold down and defeat a stronger and heavier opponent.

One of the things that make wrestling in high school and college unique is its wrestling weight classes. The reason for this is people will be wrestling others close to their size, most of the time though the weight classes present challenges to the wrestlers themselves. A wrestler may feel that he or she may be more successful at a specific weight many pounds less than his or her present weight. How one loses, maintains, or gains weight will greatly affect both his or her health and wrestling success.

But of course wrestling regulations require that wrestlers face each other according to their different weight classes. That is why the wrestling weight classes is established, not only to make sure that they are evenly matched, but to make sure that injuries can be lessened drastically due to mismatches in weight.

In high school and intercollegiate wrestling there are 13 different wrestling weight classes and there are 10 for intercollegiate classes. A wrestler may weigh no more than the weight in his class but he can weigh less. High school wrestling weight classes range from a hundred pounds to a heavyweight class of no more than 275 pounds. Intercollegiate wrestling weight classes range from 118 pounds to no more than 275 pounds.

In international competitions there are 10 different wrestling weight classes for both freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling even for the Olympics. Most of the time they range from 105.5 pounds to a weight class of no more than 286 pounds.

These different weight classes help establish how evenly wrestlers can be paired up against each other. Without these weight classes, aside from having a free-for-all unevenly matched wrestlers pitting against each other, injuries will be more than a regular occurrence. This is what weight classes are established for, for the safety of everyone.